Content 'Practical Applications'

A special clientele: rehabilitated western ringtail possums  
Western ringtail possum releases by ‘carers’/ rehabilitators  
Are official relocations necessarily of higher quality?  
Early monitored releases  
Choice of site / area  
Major threat: predation Bait monitoring
Fire threat for our projects  
Competition with brushtail possums  
Mortality and survival  
Dispersal issues  
Description of release sites  
Release protocol and process Release cages
  Release cages design
  Post-release feeding
  Use of lures
Project monitoring Camera monitoring
  Camera operations in the field
Camera problems
Population estimates  
Water equals life Attractant: water
Attractant: cages  
Attractant: camera  
Nest boxes - an overview Field experiences with nest boxes
  Monitoring of nest boxes


special clientel: